Ideal Home Dream Lites Pillow Pets (PUPPY DOG)

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Dream Lights, brought to you by Ideal Home, projects a starry sky on your ceiling and walls!
This delightful plush Pillow Pet doubles as a cozy pillow, combining the functionality of a pillow with the serenity of a stuffed animal. Just un-velcro its belly and the pet becomes an 11" pillow. Made of high quality, super-soft chenille with heavy-duty stitching, Pillow Pets are so cute and cuddly, you won't want to put them down. They're ideal for naptime, road trips, airplane rides and sleepovers.
Dreamlight Pillow Pets offer 3 soothing colors: Amber, Blue, and Green. The Shell even glows as a comforting night light. There is a 20 minute sleep timer option for the lights so they automatically turn off
• Velcro on belly transforms each animal into a comfy 11" pillow
• Made of high quality, ultra soft chenille
• Measures 11"L x 9"W
• For ages 3 and up