Ideal Home Vibration Based Pain Relief Mini Massager

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Stressed a bit more than you normally are? If you are working and sitting at a computer all day, in the same position with your fingers at the keyboard, it's not a natural position and is commonly called as 'Desktop stress'. 

If you feel strain in the neck muscles or get temporal headaches, try the Ideal Home Vibration Based Pain Relief Mini Massager. This high vibrator handy massager is specially designed to reduce stress and improves blood circulation. It is the perfect massager to loosen up tight muscles. This multi-purpose and portable massager can be used to massage your eyes, shoulder, head, foot and other parts. This small size and light design mini bullet vibratory massager is perfect for travelling.


• For All Skin Types
• Temporarily stimulates blood circulation in the applied areas
• An excellent massager for your Face & Neck (avoid using directly on bones)
• May help reduce wrinkles & eye bags.
• May enhance blood circulation, cell metabolism and build up facial skin elasticity.
• For effective result it can be used with any other Cellulite reducing  products like Creams, Gels and Oils
Works on 1 AA battery. (Not Included)