Delays may be experienced due to the Covid-19 Scenario.
Delays may be experienced due to the Covid-19 Scenario.

MODICARE ENVIROCHIP - Devices Safety Care & Protect

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Why the Modicare Envirochip Black 1 Unit Is A Good Buy

The advent of smartphones has brought about several changes. Lesser people have alarm clocks now. Many people are addicted to their smartphones and get anxious if their smartphones are not with them for some time. Many people with smartphones also tend to ignore the people around them. Smartphone surfaces have more germs than a toilet seat. The use of smartphones is increasing and will continue to do so. The WHO says that radiation from smartphones is bad for people's health and could even cause cancer. Some other possible serious health hazards are Lower Sperm Count, bad Heart health, Dizziness, Headaches, Nausea, and brain tumor.

A solution to radiations from smartphones is Modicare Envirochip. The Modicare Envirochip Black 1 Unit is stuck at the back of a smartphone. The company claims that the device filters harmful radiations from smartphones so that they don't reach the users.

Synergy Environics is the manufacturer of the Modicare Envirochip Black 1 Unit. They have been working for quite a few years on the concept of radiation and have completed some successful projects. One such project was at the Mumbai airport.

Certifications available for the device

  • CE
  • DB technology the UK
  • Max Health Care New Delhi – It has been verified that the devicepresent on smartphones lessens people's pulse rate.


  • The results of this new device have come out in biomedical science and engineering Journal
  • The device has the guarantee seal of Sameer Modi

Demonstration that the device works

A strength test has been done on Modicare Envirochip Black 1 Unit that shows that its use is advantageous.

Personal experience

Several people have vouched for Modicare Envirochip Black 1 Unit. Several of them say that they have lesser headaches from using smartphones.

How does the device work?

The radiations from smartphones are constant, and the Modicare Envirochip Black 1 Unit makes them random.

People have to buy the devices once and can use it for a lifetime. However, they need to careful that they place the device in their smartphones correctly.

Health is wealth. Buy the Modicare Envirochip Black 1 Unit on and stay safe from harmful smartphone radiations.

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