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URBAN COLOR Shape Up Crystal Nail Filer – Black

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URBAN COLOR - Accessories

Sculpt your nails to perfection with these beautifully colored nail files. The long-lasting crystal file completes any manicure and then easily washes for years of possible use. It smooths the ends of your nails to seal in the keratin layer of your nail bed and prevent your nails from chipping. Easily fits into your purse or hand bag for on-the-go filing.

Features & Benefits:-
• Soothes nails and seals in the keratin.
• Creates and leaves a soft and smooth finish.
• Suitable for professional and personal use.
• Easy to clean and sanitise with soap and water.
• Constructed with break-resistant glass.
• Travel friendly - Lightweight compact and convenient to put in your bag.
• Dermatologically tested .

Suggested Usage:-
Step 1 : Nails should be always dry while filing because wet nails tend to split more easily 
Step 2 : Apply minimum pressure , start on one corner of the nail and move towards the center of the nail 
Step 3 : Use a short motion followed by a long motion to file your nails 
Step 4: Make sure to store your glass nail filer in its protective case until the next time you use it 
Tip: Wash glass nail filer regularly with soapy water or just sterilize it in hot water

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