Ideal Home Palm Shaped Massage Glove Body Massager with 7 360-degree-roller Metal Roller Ball

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Massage glove can smooth the lymphatics and meridians of your body quickly. Besides, it helps eliminate the extra fat and keep slim and meanwhile gives you comfy massager feeling. Made of high quality silicone with resistance to acid and soda, the fantastic massager can be used for the whole body. If you add the right essential oil appropriately when using it, the effects can be much more outstanding.

  • Helps to remove the fatigue, improve the eyesight, prevent the neck diseases and dizziness, activate and beautify the skin.
  • Helps eliminate the extra fat and keep slim, meanwhile giving you comfy massager feeling
  • Used for massaging the right points of the body, to promote the blood circulation, relax muscle pain.

    1. The unique seven platinum film steel balls support 360 degrees rotation, coordinating with integrated silicone soft tray which has the newest ergonomic design for hands, thus massaging any part of your body and giving you comfortable, smooth and excited feeling.
    2. Long time using gives you a slim figure and let you say " GOODBYE" to butterfly sleeves, bucket waist, fat elephant legs.

    Usage Method:
    1. Neck: To brush from top to bottom. So wiping neck regularly has the role of disease prevention and treatment.
    2. Back: To dredge from top to bottom.
    3. Chest: To dredge the midline of abdomen from top to bottom with channels dredging brush. Then brush both sides of the chest from inside to outside ( First left then right) along the ribs by the boundary of the Ren channel in the anterior mdiline of body. Avoid the nipples.
    4. Abdomen: To dredge abdomen from top to bottom, or in circles. ( Those who have visceroptosis should dredge from bottom to top.)
    5. Upper limbs: To dredge from top to bottom.
    6. Lower limbs: To dredge from bottom to top.
    7. Sole of the foot: To massage from heel to crura.

    Product Parameter:
    1. Name: Seven steel balls massager
    2. Material: PVC, PP, steel balls( magnetic balls)
    3. Product size: about 13.8 * 9.8 * 3.8 cm/ 5.43 * 3.85 * 1.49 inches. ( Manual measurement, some errors are allowed.)

    1. Soft material
    2. With double-sided convex particle design
    3. Easy to massage the buttocks, abdomen and to eliminate the fat accumulation to prevent cellulite producing
    4. It can help you get rid of fat about using it 3-4 times per week