Ideal Home Spa Medley - Mini Spa and Hair Removal kit - The Complete Body Care Kit with FREE Herbal & Gold Facial Kit

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Spa Medley is a complete body care kit that provides you with all the benefits of a rich body spa treatment. Made of ABS Plastic and rubber, it comes with  amazing accessories viz.,

  • Micro Massager,
  • Macro Massager,
  • Deep Cleanser Brush,
  • 5 Natural Crystal Hair Remover Pads,
  • Facial Hair Remover Stick,
  • Bikini Line Hair Remover Stick,
  • Pumice Stone,
  • Foot Smoother
  • Body Buffer
  • A massager base
  • Electric Adapter.

With the head rotating at 550 times per minute the massager's heads give you a deeply relaxing massage and the natural-crystal pads painlessly remove unwanted hair while polishing, exfoliating and buffering your skin. This method will totally outdo waxing or expensive laser hair removal treatments, along with ensuring deep cleansing and relaxing massage.

• Material: ABS, Rubber
• Body Size: 24 x 17.5 x 9.5cm


• Painless hair and callus removal
• Skin Exfoliation
• Deep Cleansing
• Body Massage
• Works with batteries and adapter
• Value for money product with benefits of a complete body spa at your Home comfort

Package Includes:

Spa Medley Box Contains:

1. Hand Grip Base
2. Micro Massager
3. Macro Massager
4. Deep Cleanser Brush
5. 5 Natural Crystal Remover Pads
6. Facial Hair Remover
7. Bikini Line Hair Remover
8. Pumice Stone
9. Foot Smoother
10. Body Buffer

Attachments & Accessories

  • Macro & Micro Massage Modules: The massaging heads and massaging attachments help to smooth out the legs and hips, neck, shoulders etc., it also helps to leave you feeling calm, refreshed and relaxed just like a nice long professional massage. The Steady, rhythmic pressure in certain areas leads the blood to fully infuse the skin tissue, leaving it nourished. The two different attachments are defined for a different degree of pressure on the skin ranging from smooth & gentle to deep & intense depending on the skin type, need & preference.
  • Derma Crystal Hair Removal Pad: The Derma crystal Hair Removal pad contains the Derma Seta crystals that painlessly bump hair out of the follicle leaving your skin smooth and silky to the touch.
  • Facial Hair Remover: It helps to gently and painlessly remove unwanted hair from your face without expensive, painful and embarrassing trips to the spa or salon.
  • Bikini Line Hair Remover: It helps to gently and painlessly remove unwanted hair from your bikini line without expensive, painful and embarrassing trips to the spa or salon.
  • Deep Cleanser BrushThe Deep Cleanser brush gently and effectively helps to open pores and deep clean face to keep the skin looking and feeling amazing.
  • Foot Smoother: The Foot Smoother attachment works to help smooth out ugly and unattractive calluses on the feet to leave the feet looking like an expensive pedicure.
  • Pumice Stone: The pumice stone is a great attachment to help give your feet a smooth and beautiful look.
  • Body Buffer: Body Buffer attachment helps you finish off your skin spa treatment and buffer your skin so that you walk away looking and feeling fresh, clean and vibrant.